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7 Fun Easter manicures inspired by Marshmallow Peeps

I love a good Peep.

I typically go for the classic yellow chicks or pink bunnies, and I like ’em stale. But a recent trip to CVS opened my eyes to a marshmallow rainbow. I couldn’t resist buying a pack in every color. Then a friend suggested I bring my nail polish obsession together with my new Peeps, and the Peep-icure was born.

Try these seven (easy!) styles on mani-Monday, Easter Sunday or any day you need a sugar rush.

1. The pink Easter grass Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Lacquer in Pinkalicious to match my pink Peeps. Then, while the polish was wet, I dipped two accent nails in metallic hot pink fringe from Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art collection. The only thing better about actual Easter grass is you can usually find a couple of jellybeans hidden in there. Nail grass, not so much.

2. The purple polka-dot egg Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with Sephora Formula X Nail Color in Indelible to match my purple Peeps. Then I painted a metallic accent nail with Sephora Formula X in Racy. After applying two coats and letting them dry, I used a dotting tool (also from one of Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art kits, but a bobby pin would work, too) to make polka dots using the two purple shades. Finally, I added dots of Sephora Formula X in Radioactive for a bright green pop. Waaay easier than those stinky little egg dye kits from Paas.

3. The pink sugar-dipped orange Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with Julep Nail Color in Princess Grace to match my orange Peeps. I let that dry, then painted a quick stripe across each tip before dipping it in a pink pot of Hot Magenta nail sugar (also from Julep). You’ll want to work quickly so the tip stays wet enough for everything to stick. But you seriously can’t tell the difference between this stuff and the actual sugar that collects in the corner of a pack of Peeps. Just don’t eat it!

4. The birds of a feather white Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with Nails Inc. London Nail Color in Mayfair to match my white Peeps. Then I applied York (orange) and Chester (multi) from the Nails Inc. Feathers collection. They get kind of gloppy, so work quickly and try to ignore the fact that white Peeps look a little naked. Also, spoiler alert: The mystery flavor tastes like sour apple for the bunnies and pineapple for the chicks.

5. The classic pink bunny yellow Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with NYC In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Polish in Lexington Yellow to match my yellow Peeps. This shade required three coats for full coverage. Once it (quickly?) dried, I used NYC’s Greenwich Village to make a hot pink bunny shape, which was really just a blob for the body, another for the head and two little stripes for the ears (I used the regular nail polish brush here, as you can probably tell). Another Sally nail art kit came in handy to create the eyes and nose with black crystals. She’s fancy like that.

6. Spring flowers green Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with Essie Nail Lacquer in Mojito Madness to match my green Peeps and let that dry. There is absolutely no way I could draw delicate white daisies on my fingers (did you see my weird bunny?). So, I took the easy road and used a few nail stickers from Red Carpet Manicure’s First Class Nail Appliques. Easy peasy and super Spring-y.

7. The blue bonnet Peep-icure

To create this look, I started with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in Model Behavior to match my blue Peeps. My original intent was to use Sally’s Barely Blue Bell (turquoise) and Lightening (yellow) to create a marble effect on my nails. But guess what? That technique isn’t easy at all (#pinterestfail). So… I went with a far easier color-block accent nail and did a free-hand French tip in bright yellow as an ode to the OG Peep.

Finally, resist the temptation to eat your Peeps with wet nails. Sugary coating stuck to your fingers is like sand in your bathing suit. No bueno. And don’t forget to use a great top coat (I like Sally Hansen Mega Shine) for a glossy, chip-free finish.

Happy Easter!

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