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Adorable lamb is having a slumber party and jumping on the bed (VIDEO)

If Winter the lamb could talk, he would probably say, “It’s my party, and I’ll bounce if I want to!” This little guy looks like he’s just discovered jumping on the bed, and now that he knows it’s the best thing ever, he has no intention of stopping.

Winter the lamb belongs to Shannen Hussein, who’s also put adorable little clips of him all over Vine, in case this video makes you want to see a whole lot more of him (which it probably will). In this video, he just can’t help jumping all over his mistress’s bed, and her calling him off only seems to get him more amped up. At one point he even gets on his knees, which makes him look like he’s asking Shannen to join him. He’s all, “You know you want to jump on here. I can’t be the only one having all the fun.” Take a look at his adorably silliness.

He even makes like he’s getting off but then hops right back on just to fake Shannen out! Lambs are such cards. If Winter ever has a slumber party, I’m definitely RSVPing “yes.”

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