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Lilly Pulitzer for Target: A guide to actually getting your hands on it

Start your engines, ladies. The Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection is here and it will be gone faster than you can say, “Oh that’s so cute!” While I am all for Target partnering with high fashion designers to make great fashion more affordable for the masses, I can never seem to get my hands on any of it.

It’s like, the moment a designer shop goes on sale, a metaphoric gun goes off in women’s heads everywhere, and they immediately drop what they’re doing and race over to the nearest Target like road runners on speed. By the time I make it there, the shop is more picked over than a gazelle carcass after hyenas have had their fill. But this year, it’s going to be different. I have a full-proof plan to beat the sale scavengers which I will share with you as long as you don’t tell anyone. But first, let me whet your fashion appetite with some of the beautiful pieces the Pulitzer line will be offering.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target, on sale April 19, 2015

Here we have a push-up halter bikini top ($24), high-waisted bikini bottoms ($24) and a fringe kimono jacket ($30). So retro cute, and classic Pulitzer with those bright, bold patterns.

All 250 items that will be sold through Target will go for between $2 and $150. Getting excited yet?

Rompers are the piece to sport for spring, and this line has done it so right. This Challis romper is only $34, and looks so great with Lilly’s charm and starfish cuff bracelets (both $20). As Lilly herself once said, “Palm Beach is a state of mind.” It’s also apparently a state of romper.

Here are some more of her adorable accessories:

The Target line also offers plus-size outfits and some of the cutest children’s clothes I’ve seen to date.

So now that you’re salivating over this beautiful collection, you’re probably wondering, what is this girl’s plan to beat the craziness that will no doubt ensue on April 19? Well without further ado, here it is:

How to beat the designer for Target heat:

1. Find a super out of the way Target and camp out there the night before. And I’m not talking about a few miles off the highway. I’m talking about the middle of a one-horse town in the far reaches of Vermont kind of out of the way.

2. Keep hydrated. I find that when I’m sale shopping and I’m dehydrated, I lose focus real quick. However, you also don’t want to over-hydrate because then you’ll have to go to the bathroom and everything will be gone before you get back.

3. Don’t think, just buy. This is not the time to be picky. Just remember, if you wind up with something you’re not crazy about, you can always sell it on eBay for twice the price once the line is totally sold out in stores. One woman’s size too small is another woman’s size perfect.

4. Forget the store and buy online. If shopping in that kind of sale frenzy gives you heart palpitations, don’t fret. You can buy all of the goods online. However, the caveat here is many others will have this same idea, and the site could crash at any moment. So like any good fashion soldier, get in and get out fast with as much as you can theoretically carry.

5. Make a list of what you want ahead of time. Don’t be caught browsing in this whirlwind of a sale. Go online right now, pick out what you want, and make beelines for the items once in the store (or online).

6. Keep calm and carry on. Yes, awesome, inexpensive fashion is great, but is it worth getting into a bitch fight over? If you grab something at the same time that someone else does, be the bigger person and do what Elsa from Frozen says, “Let it go.” Remember, it’s always better to leave the store with one less outfit and no facial injuries.

Image: Giphy

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