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New Zealand woman receives stern advice from the thief who stole her items

It’s not every day that you get advice about leaving your handbag around unattended from the very person who noticed it, then stole it. That’s right, a thief who stole a group of girls’ unattended belongings gave them a stern warning after one of the girls began talking to the thief via text message.

Kate McDonald, Julia Kerr, Kate Randhawa, Briar Middleton and Olivia Van Diepen, all 20-year-old university students, were in Christchurch visiting for a friend’s 21st birthday party.

While making a stop to McDonald’s, the girls left their bags in their car, where it was spotted and stolen by a thief passing by.

Kate, who had her mobile stolen, sent messages to it from another phone and, surprisingly, she received a reply, with some interesting advice and a stern warning about taking care of her belongings thrown in there, too.

“Hope the tampons and condoms come in handy,” the girls’ first message said. “Thanks for not stealing the car, there was a spare key. We can negotiate. I totally understand.”

In response to her comment about the condoms, the crook replied, “The condom was out of date.”

Kate went on to let the person know that they didn’t have much cash to steal because they are “povo students” but asked the person using her phone if they could at least “chuck useless IDs and passports somewhere”.

Even more surprisingly still, the person agreed and even left the girls with a piece of important advice so something like this never happens to them ever again.

“Next tym take ya bags with ya (sic).” Sometimes, good advice comes from the most unlikely of places.

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