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10 Times people needed the text app that deletes messages you didn’t mean to send

It happens to the best of us. We’ve sent a raunchy text message meant for a boyfriend and it accidentally lands in the inbox of a parent. Or you write a text message complaining about a person and then send it to the person you were having a good bitch about. Could it get any more awkward?

There are some good people out there making apps to help the most mindless among us from doing things that might get us into trouble. By some technological miracle, it is now possible to download an app that deletes messages from the phone you sent it to.

Never again will you have to avoid eye contact with your mother because you know she knows how dirty you talk to your partner. No longer will you have to avoid speaking to someone or have them avoid speaking to you because they’ve read what you really think about them. Ouch.

Thanks to an app called Strings, you can save face and never have to worry about sending a text message to the wrong person again because it lets you “undo” sending text messages that were meant for the wrong person.

So, once you delete the text, it will also be deleted from the recipient’s phone. But it only works if both parties are using the app.

These people really could have done with a text-deleting app after sending awkward messages to the wrong people. Here are 10 scenarios when the text-deleting app is a must-have.

1. When an unfortunate message is accidentally sent to your boss:

2. That time when you send Mum a message about sneaking out of home:

3. When you accidentally ask your boss to hang out:

4. When you call your dad “baby”:

5. Or get your other friend’s hopes up:

6. When your friends think you’re coming on to them:

7. When your sibling gets the wrong message:

8. When your secretary has the same name as your daughter:

9. Or when you send a message to the person you were actually texting about:

10. And for life’s most awkward of emoticon mishaps:
Have you ever wanted to delete a message you sent? Share your horror stories in the comments section below.

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