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Woman charged with assault after using breast milk as her weapon of choice

Breast milk is a lot of things — it’s nutritional, it’s the first choice for many mothers when feeding their children and it is life-giving nectar. The boob juice has incredible properties, let’s be real. But who ever thought breast milk could be used as a weapon?

Yes, there are plenty of ways to use breast milk, and to feed babies is just one of them. But there are many other uses, as one 26-year-old woman in Perth found out.

The woman allegedly squirted breast milk at a female officer after she was approached about an outstanding arrest warrant.

The woman was, according to Perth Now, being body searched when the incident took place and reportedly grabbed her breast and squeezed it in the police officer’s direction. She was later charged with assault. We had no idea that breast milk could be considered an assault weapon. The mind boggles.

If breast milk being used as an assault weapon doesn’t sound strange enough, take a look at these other uses for breast milk.

1. The breast milk facial

A beauty salon in the United States offers a breast milk facial cleanse as part of its treatment packages. Just add an extra $10 to your regular facial and you’ll be given breast milk instead of ordinary cow’s milk for the treatment.

2. Breast milk protein shakes

See you later, protein powders. Fitness fanatics and bodybuilders are looking for something with even more of a kick and have reportedly been buying breast milk from mothers on the sly. Some claim the health effects help performance and stamina, and it is also considered an energy booster.

3. Energy drink

In China, breast milk has become the rich person’s energy drink, with people buying the liquid longevity juice for good health. Locals believe that the milk is incredibly good for those in poor health.

4. Contact lens solution

This sounds positively bonkers, but according to Medical Daily, breast milk can actually be used to clean contact lenses. Not that you’ll be able to see out of them, but they’ll be clean.

5. Breast milk cheese

For the cheese connoisseurs among us, there is a recipe called “Mommy’s Milk Cheese” on the Learning Channel’s website. Don’t forget the crackers!

If you’ve got some breast milk lying around, be sure to put it to good use.

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