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Like voting? Driving? Sorry babe, you’re a feminist (VIDEO)

After watching a stream of actresses give interviews saying they weren’t feminists, comic Kate Goodman just couldn’t resist explaining a thing or two about what that word actually means.

“And sitting there, with no ironic intent whatsoever, wanting their voices to be heard and taken seriously during their interview, just so they can be heard to say they aren’t feminists,” she says about her inspiration behind her new hilarious video, Sorry Babe, You’re a Feminist.

She even names names. The video opens with quotes from various celebs who have said in interviews that they don’t consider themselves to be feminists, including Katy Perry, Björk, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Demi Moore.

“What on Earth are you picturing?” she sings. “Castrating men while wearing sensible shoes?”

She tells millennial women in the song that she’s glad they feel empowered, but they have feminists to thank for their rights.

“Just take a look at the checklist,” she sings on. “You like voting? Driving? You’re a feminist!”

And she points out that being a feminist doesn’t mean you hate men, which is a tired old stereotype about feminism. The proof: Men are feminists too.

The performance and the song, written by Goodman and Soren Kisiel, makes a really good point — that despite best efforts, young women don’t seem to know what feminism really is. Once they understand the sacrifices that were made by women before them to secure women’s basic rights, maybe they’ll feel a little differently about the whole deal. Let’s hope. We need all the feminists we can get.

And regarding the popular argument that although we needed feminism in the past, we don’t anymore, Goodman offers this harsh reality check.

“Post anything opinionated on the web without death threats from a misogynist dick head.”

Get on the right side of feminism, not just because equal rights matter, but because of who else says they aren’t a feminist — the Taliban. You want to be on the same team as the Taliban? See? You’re a feminist.

This video is a smart and hilarious opener to a conversation that needs to happen among women. Nice job, Katie and Soren.

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