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Sick cat on death’s door saved by 7-year-old girl

Sometimes the most genuine acts of heroism come in the smallest packages. A 7-year-old girl found a kitten barely alive in a pile of garbage, and instead of shrinking away from a relatively scary-looking creature, she helped save her life.

This kitten was lying in a pile of garbage in Istanbul, half dead from starvation, infection and attacks from other strays. No one distinguished the little cat from the rest of the trash around her, except for this little girl, whose name we still don’t know.

She heard her crying and rescued her from the garbage. Then she immediately brought the poor thing to her father, who happens to be a doctor, to see if he could do anything to save her life. The kitten’s face was infested with maggots and mites, and she had several injuries to speak of, no doubt from other offending street cats.

The little girl’s father had his nurse look after the kitten, who patiently gave her fluids and helped treat her infections. It took time, but through love and devotion, they were able to slowly bring her back to life.

Even though she was missing an ear and looked far from a normal, healthy kitten, this wonderful family refused to turn away from her, and eventually she started looking better and growing stronger.

Of course, they ended up adopting her and gave her the beautiful name Gülümser, which means “she who always smiles.” Such a wonderfully fitting name for a kitten that was in a terribly bleak situation but now finds herself in a loving home with a new best friend.

Gülümser and her little anonymous savior are now as close as can be. The kitten is recovering beautifully — she almost has all her fur back — and while she’s still missing an ear, she looks healthy, filled out and adorable. This transformation happened in a matter of weeks, which is amazing to say the very least.

She is now a beautiful, fluffy cat whose rehabilitation was nothing short of miraculous. And while it took a creature with a strong will to live to make it back from the brink of death, it also took a wonderful little girl who was determined to save her. Here’s hoping there will be many more saviors like her in the future.

Images: Imactuallyabear0520/Imgur

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