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Pit bull nurses abandoned kitten in this incredible rescue story (VIDEO)

The sweetest rescue story ever just came from Mercy Animal Clinic’s Facebook. A pit bull and a 2-day-old kitten were found in a ditch in South Dallas. The kitten was staying alive by nursing from the pit bull, who absolutely loved the kitten.

The animal clinic took over care for the kitten and began bottle feeding it. The pit bull couldn’t bear to be apart from it, and so she would assist the workers in feeding and cleaning the kitty.

In the days that followed, the pit bull (who they call “Pitty”) was removed from the kitten to be spayed, but has now been gleefully returned to her adopted baby.

Even more good news: It sounds like Pitty and “Kitty” have a potential adopter who wants both of them, meaning they’ll never have to be apart. Which is good, because look at how tiny Kitty is: 

Kitty obviously needs her adoptive mother to keep her safe and happy.

Well, I’ll leave you to your joy-sobbing now.

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