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17 Things only your best friends understand about you

We all have that special someone — or group of someones. Not our partner in life, our partner in crime. Part secret-keeper, part therapist, a best friend knows you better than anyone else. Here are 17 things only your best friends could ever know.

1. How you really feel about your upcoming birthday

best friend knows

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2. That your past mistakes and dark secrets are no one else’s business

Liz Lemon secret

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3. Only your best friends know all your hopes and dreams

Broad City best friends

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4. And how much you dread public speaking

Public speaking best friends

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5. They can name that certain song that always makes you cry

Best friends

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6. And the other song that makes you dance like you just don’t care

Beyonce best friend

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7. BFFs also know when you need to check yourself…

best friends check yourself

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8. Like when you lose in your fantasy league and act like a baby

Best friends sore loser

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9. Or display a sociopathic amount of road rage

road rage best friends

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10. Your besties have grown to appreciate your dance moves

dance moves best friends

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11. And always know when, despite that brave face, inside you’re an emotional mess

best friends im happy

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12. Luckily, they also always know exactly what to say to talk you down

best friend hey girl

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13. They get that you’re not a morning person…

Mornings best friends

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14. How crazy excited you get about a trip to Costco


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15. And your irrational fear of spiders, clowns and anything sticky

Selena scared best friends

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16. After all, you’ve been through a lot together

Daria best friends

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17. But most importantly, best friends know when all you need is a hug

Best friends catch

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