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Ambitious beagle attempts to eat carrots off a moving fan (VIDEO)

Meet Maymo, the beagle who really loves carrots. Then again who wouldn’t love carrots if they came with such a fun game.

Seriously, why don’t we always feed dogs this way? Also, while we’re at it, humans. Perhaps I wouldn’t always eat everything in my fridge if I had to go through this kind of obstacle to get to it. Food (on a fan) for thought, you know?

While I don’t actually know why Maymo’s owner decided to tie the carrots to the fan , I do know that it’s wildly entertaining to watch him try to get them. And while I’ve never attempted to eat carrots from a fan (yet), I do know exactly how Maymo feels. Just like me on a Friday afternoon. The weekend is so close that you can almost taste it… but not quite.

So in honor of Friday afternoon, sit back, relax and find out if Maymo ever gets those darn carrots off the fan.

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