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9 Horrifying examples of Craigslist upcyclingt

What is upcycling? If you’re the thrifty type, you’ve probably done it before. Upcycling is putting old materials to good use instead of throwing them out. While recycling consists of breaking down consumer materials like plastic and paper, upcycling is all about reinventing and transforming an object into something you can use again.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, if you’ve ever visited Craigslist, you know where this is heading. Craigslist is good for getting rid of stuff you no longer need, but as the old saying goes, you can have too much of a good thing.

There’s something to be said for turning trash into treasure, and then there are those special Craigslist folk who take it a little too far.

1. This homemade dildo mobile


Image: Craigslist

Who in their right mind would throw away a used dildo? The correct answer is: everyone. The OP says, “This mobile was created by me after a tenant who I had to evict after six months of not paying rent left behind 10 dildos. I was determined to do something with them, hence this dildo mobile.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

2. This free wood, which symbolizes a soul


Image: Craigslist

If you are into upcycling rotten wood, this is the free wood for you. “That might sound good, but this is not just any free wood. This stuff is rotten. Sure, physically it might have some wear and tear as it’s been stored outside for a few years, and I wouldn’t recommend building anything you want to last with it, but the problem is in what it represents. My soul… You might as well burn it in a giant bonfire; my tears and self-loathing will only help to make the flames large and bright. The black smoke is my soul.”

3. This giant self-stirring hot tub cauldron

Hot tub

Image: Craigslist

Because everyone needs a free, giant, self-stirring and self-heating cauldron with a lid that is “great for soups,” aka a busted-ass hot tub that doesn’t work anymore.

4. This gently used dog cremation urn


Image: Craigslist

Is this a gently used dog cremation urn that once held a large cremated dog named Lucy, or is it a new vase for fresh cut flowers?

5. This custom shoe rack


Image: Craigslist

This seller has full confidence that this custom shoe rack (which looks suspiciously like an old wooden pallet) is worth exactly $25.

6. This “like new” adult potty chair


Image: Craigslist

Used. Adult. Potty. Chair. Just let that sink in.

7. This used makeup for a dollar


Image: Craigslist

What’s important to understand is that this lightly used makeup for only $1 comes with its very own free pinkeye, and you can’t put a price on that. (As one Craigslister so eloquently pointed out in her rant about used lipstick: “There’s a line between upcycling and not knowing when to just let it go.”)

8. These practically new synthetic hair extensions


Image: Craigslist

Slightly used hair from a stranger is still OK, right? Right? Unless you are planning to upcycle these extensions into doll hair, wearing someone else’s sweaty hair is a big fat nope.

9. This “good as new” exotic dancer outfit


Image: Craigslist

On the one hand, this outfit could make excellent dress-up clothes for your young and impressionable daughter. On the other hand, anything that’s been worn for the purpose of entertainment in a gentlemen’s club is probably covered in some questionable fluids.

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