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DIY chalkboard garden markers

Stop forgetting which herbs are which. These simple plant markers help you remember what’s what and add a little style to those planters! Make in no time and on a budget using a few wide Popsicle sticks and some leftover chalkboard paint!


DIY chalkboard garden markers: Supplies

  • Wide Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint brush
  • Chalk
  • Plastic plate or tray for drying


Step 1:

DIY chalkboard garden markers: Step 1 |

Lay out your Popsicle sticks on a flat surface and brush 1 coat of chalkboard paint on 1 side of the sticks. Let dry for the time indicated on the back of the can of paint.

Step 2:

DIY chalkboard garden markers: Step 2 |

Apply a second coat to the Popsicle sticks again and let dry.

Step 3:

DIY chalkboard garden markers: Step 3 |

Lift the sticks up off your flat surface and paint the edges. Let dry on a nonstick surface.

Step 4:

DIY chalkboard garden markers: Step 4 |

Flip the Popsicle sticks over and paint the back side with a few more coats of chalkboard paint and let dry on a nonstick surface.

Step 5:

DIY chalkboard garden markers: Step 5 |

Once the Popsicle sticks have dried, you can mark them with chalk for the names of the herbs or plants you are using them with. Wipe the chalk off with a wet cloth to change the name or lettering for your garden marker. Because the chalk washes off, these garden markers are best for indoor pots or planters.

DIY chalkboard garden markers: Finished |

Now time to get planting!

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