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These thoughts we all have when we can’t fall asleep are so on point (VIDEO)

If you aren’t familiar with these thoughts, then you are obviously some kind of wizard person who has never struggled to fall asleep.


Seriously? What is that thing where you feel like you need to pee all the time when you go to bed and then never really have to pee once you’ve actually made it to the bathroom? Who wants to start a charity with us to find a cure for that?

This video has the potential to really bring people together by pointing out that we all apparently have the same logic when it comes to bedroom temperature. It seems everyone sticks their legs out the side of their covers to get cool, but no one actually takes the covers off, because that would be a logical thing to do, but we wouldn’t feel as secure. The covers will protect us in the event of any kind of natural disaster or robbery, right?

And who can be bothered with checking to see if the door is locked? That involves actually having to get out of bed. We’ll probs just check on the door the next inevitable time our bladders play that fun little illusion game with us.

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