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Haunted dolls are selling for big bucks on eBay

Most of those old timey-looking dolls are pretty creepy. Haunted dolls have recently become big business.

Sites like eBay have pages of listings where you can buy or sell your very own haunted dolls. What makes a doll haunted? First, it’s got to look creepy. The ones with the porcelain faces and eyes that follow you around the room are by far the most popular being sold as “haunted.” Bonus points if the doll plays a creepy tune.

For instance, meet Gwen. Her body is a porcelain bell, and will spin itself and play music. According to the seller she died from jumping off a tower. Gwen can be all yours for $15, plus $11 shipping.


Image: eBay

Next, your doll has to have a solid backstory. How old is it? How did it come into your possession?

Take Hectate, the Witch Doll. She was bought from a private haunted collector, according to the seller, who adds he is not responsible for anything that happens after you buy the doll. She can be yours for $2,500. Free shipping.

With doll

Image: eBay

Finally, you have to prove how “active” the haunted doll is.

This gypsy wish doll is a “fortune telling spirit” and the seller wants you to be very careful since this is such an “active wish doll.” It better be active for the $800 price tag.

Gypsy wish doll

Image: eBay

Not to be outdone, Barbie makes an appearance with the Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie doll selling for a mere $540.

Haunted barbie doll

Image: eBay

With limited expertise of the paranormal outside of Hocus Pocus and “Thriller,” it’s hard to say for sure if these haunted dolls are authentic. But it might also be worth noting that most of the listings have been posted since the story about haunted dolls was reported by Vice U.K. Buyer beware, these haunted dolls are likely just regular dolls re-listed to take advantage of the latest new search term. Also, very few of the haunted dolls actually have any bids of any dollar amounts, so maybe the ridiculous price tags are just wishful thinking.

Have you ever had a haunted doll? Would you pay thousands of dollars for one?

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