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15 Times you really need a shower beert

What the heck is a shower beer? When you think of how good it would feel to take a steaming hot shower as you sip on an ice cold beer, everything makes sense. No wonder people are celebrating special events in their lives by cracking open a cold one in the shower.

What can you celebrate with a shower beer? What can’t you celebrate with a shower beer? Here are some of the top achievements commemorated with a refreshing shower beer by people just like you.

1. Having your first shower beer

Beer 1

Image: Imgur

Your first shower beer only happens once in a lifetime. Better savor each sip.

2. Having date night

Beer 2

Image: Imgur

The sign of true date-night success: That moment when you take a naked shower beer selfie together. Wink.

3. Having a snow day

Beer 3

Image: Imgur

If a snow day in Texas isn’t a reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is. (Texas beers represent!)

4. Buying your first car

Beer 4

Image: Imgur

You just bought your first set of wheels ever? Well, my handsome friend, this is the perfect time to crack open a shower beer.

5. Graduating from college

Beer 5

Image: Imgur

You made it through all four years of college? Shower beer time!

6. Getting a new apartment

Beer 6

Image: Imgur

As this Redditor explains, “Nothing like breaking in a new apartment with a shower beer!”

7. Getting a vasectomy

Beer 7

Image: Imgur

That’s right — celebrate that snip with each frothy sip.

8. Getting a new job

Beer 8

Image: Imgur

Even super-official working dudes need a shower beer every now and then.

9. Quitting a terrible job

Beer 9

Image: Imgur

Or, even better, a refreshing shower beer to celebrate when you finally left that job you hate. Huzzah!

10. Ruining a new relationship

Beer 10

Image: Imgur

Frckyeah says, “It’s 2pm on a Tuesday and I’ve very likely ruined a good thing with a great dude. On the bright side, my landlord just replaced the broken hot water heater; I think a shower beer is completely appropriate.” There, there, a shower beer will make it all better.

11. Putting the kids to bed

Beer 11

Image: Imgur

Your kids’ bedtime always and will forever be shower beer o’clock. Thank you, Jesus.

12. Waking up for work on time

Beer 12

Image: Imgur

Making it to work on time is kind of a big deal. Better celebrate with a shower beer — coffee infused, of course.

13. Working on your fitness

Beer 13

Image: Imgur

A shower beer is the only way to honor that sick burn you felt at the gym. Go, you.

14. Making it to the weekend

Beer 14

Image: Imgur

Everybody’s working for the weekend, and this Friday night shower beer is proof.

15. Running out of beer

Beer 15

Image: Imgur

Even running out of beer can be cause for celebration when you have shower scotch as a backup.

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