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10 Questions your hairdresser wishes you would ask


A great hair salon experience should always include an excellent consultation. A bare minimum consultation can often manifest itself through phrases like “just give me a trim.”

Chances are your hair stylist would love to contribute a lot more to your consultation by tapping into his or her wealth of hair knowledge, opinions and advice, but they may also be reluctant to lead the dialogue completely.

In short, your hairdresser is so much more than just a person who cuts and/or colors your hair. They are also a valuable resource of hair expertise, advice and tips. Instead of just telling them what you want, why not try asking them the following questions:

1. If you could really do anything to my hair, what would you do?

2. What is your long term vision for my hair?

3. Would you recommend I get bangs?

4. What hair color would look best with my hair cut?

5. Where should I part my hair?

6. How would you like to style my haircut today?

7. What is your favorite hair product to use lately?

8. Is my hair as healthy as it could be? What else can I do to improve its condition?

9. How often should I be coming in to keep my hair looking fresh?

10. How can I replicate this hairstyle at home?

Asking these questions will lead to better consultations and will allow you to utilize your hairdresser’s full experience and expertise. You don’t need to commit to every single thing they recommend but I do guarantee your improved consultation will leave you with better results!

In this picture I am consulting my client Heidi Goar at Salon SCK in New York City.

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