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Easy ways to jazz up your hair and makeup this spring

Nikki DeRoest

I come from the era of quizzes, so when I discovered I could find my perfect Miracle Gel™ nail color using Sally Hansen’s® new quiz, a flood of memories came back to me.

I remember getting my monthly magazine subscriptions (as a tween in the ’90s) to see what kind of boys liked me, what my style was, if I was a good friend, what type of job I would have when I was older, if I was a good kisser and what group I best fit in with.

When I got on the Sally Hansen® website and took the quiz… again… after all of those years, the results were spot on! My result was a bright pink color, Shock Wave!

‘I’m a girly girl at heart, who shows off in small ways… like a streak of color in my hair or a sparkly pair of headphones!’

I started to think about this Shock Wave description, and how I am already starting to apply it to my looks for spring. I love the changing of the seasons, whatever the time of year, and I’m always planning ahead and getting prepared. Here are some little ways you can be a shock wave with me this spring.

Let’s start with the nails…

I’m excited to have the Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ polish as part of my manicure routine. I am a nail polish addict, and was shocked when I used this formula. I put it to the true test, and it stood up to everything it said it would do! It lasts, you can remove it with regular nail polish remover and it has the shine of a salon gel manicure… without having to sit under the lights! I have been wearing it the past two weeks (with a polish color change) because I’m addicted to changing the color every week, and it has been amazing. No chips, no fuss and beautiful shine. It’s going to be hard for me to ever use regular polish again.

I hope you check out what Miracle Match you are with Sally Hansen®. It’s so fun to see what the results of the quiz are. Happy quizzing and happy nails!

Make your eyes sparkle…

One big eye trend for spring is using an almond color eyeliner on the lower waterline. It automatically keeps the eyes bright and open, which is exactly the feelings of the new season. You can do whatever eyeshadow you’d like with this look; it goes well with all ranges: from no shadow and just mascara, to more of a soft, smoky eye. Whatever your preference, the bright lower waterline gives the eyes a beautiful touch and brightness.

Add a bold lip…

I love combining the almond color liner with a lot of mascara, and a bright color of raspberry on the lips. It adds to the shock wave… simple with a splash of color. Raspberry is the perfect bold color for spring. Swap out your red lipsticks for berry tones. They are fresh, but add a punch to your look. I wear this color for daytime as well, but if you are shy about color in the day, definitely wear it out to dinner or dancing.

Let’s not forget our hair…

Hair accessories are big this spring, and are a simple way to jazz up your look. If you are new to accessorizing your hair, a simple change in your part line might be all you need. I typically part my hair in the middle, but have been changing it over to the side part. It gives you a totally new look, and also some volume in the hair since it is going a new direction.

If you want to try a bobby pin, keep the side part and add a pin in! Depending on your mood, you can use a neutral pin in your hair as I started my day with.

Or (of course) because I am a shock wave, I added a little bit of glitter!

As I’m typing this, I’m getting so excited for spring and the new trends right around the corner.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Sally Hansen® and SheKnows.

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