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Make this chic DIY marbled planter to glam up your plants

Marble adds glam but it can get pricey. What if we could get the look for less?

DIY Marble planter

The marble trend isn’t going away anytime soon, so if you are a design enthusiast who still doesn’t have any marble or marble-looking pieces at home, you will need this DIY marbled planter. You know me, I’m all about easy, budget-friendly projects with a low probability of fail and a quick, guaranteed effect. Creating this planter took me less than 10 minutes and it made my white plain cactus pot look so much prettier. It’s definitely a DIY worth giving a try! Are you convinced? Let me show you what you’ll need and how you can achieve the marble look for less:

DIY Marble planter 2

You will need:

  • Plain planter
  • Marble-print contact paper (you can find it in your local hardware store)
  • Craft knife

DIY Marble planter: supplies

Step-by-step tutorial:

1. First of all, wash and dry your planter well to make sure that the external surface is smooth.

2. Measure approximately how much contact paper you will need to cover your planter and cut the desired amount.

3. Remove the protective paper from your contact paper, and lay it face down. Place your planter on top of it and smooth the contact paper over the surface to stick firmly.

4. When all your planter’s surface is covered with contact paper, use a craft knife to cut away the contact paper left at the edges.

DIY Marble planter 2

This is it! Easy, right? What do you think about the final effect? I’m sure your planter loves its new, trendy look. You might want to get even more creative with contact paper and transform more objects into stylish marbled pieces. I’m pretty sure I’ll be using this trick again!

DIY Marble planter 3

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