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These super-weird prom pics will heighten your concern for humanity (VIDEO)

Um, so, we’re going to be honest with you: The fact that the people in these batshit crazy prom photos are real people gives us unprecedented levels of anxiety.


The first thing we want to know is if the kid who brought a (fake?) fish wrapped in a dress to prom has managed to find love/make it through life without a criminal conviction. Because, to be honest with you, we weren’t getting a great vibe from that guy.

And he wasn’t the only one who concerned us. These prom photos are basically a smorgasbord of oddballs who give us the creeps. It’s not looking good when the most normal people in a spread of photos are those wearing their patriotic duct tape with pride and those who felt it impossible to part with their sunglasses on prom night.

Stay weird, kids, but maybe also bring an actual human date to prom… unless your human date is your little brother.

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