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Quiz: How well do you really know Disney World?

There are people who go to Disney World and then there are people who really go to Disney World.

They’re not there to hit up a few rides and peace out. No, they’re there because they’re diehard Disney fans who know that the experience is about so much more than getting a Space Mountain FASTPASS. Think you’re one of those people? Well I’m going to need you to prove it by taking this quiz. And I’m going to need you to do it wearing your Mickey Mouse ears. C’mon, you said you were a real fan!

Before you jump into the quiz, let me lay it out for you. It has eight facts. Or I should say “facts.” About half of them are true and about half of them are Disney World (and Disneyland) urban legends that won’t die, no matter how many times they’re proven false.

Ready? Go!

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