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14 Dogs that are so excited they just can’t stand it

Need a good pick-me-up? Take a look at these 14 overly excited dogs and try not to smile. If only everyone in our lives were so easily pleased.

1. He can’t even

Image: Giphy

This Boston terrier is so excited he just can’t sit still… but he tried really hard.

2. Wanna go for a walk?

Image: Giphy

Don’t say those words unless you really mean it.

3. Dinner time!

Image: Giphy

We totally get his excitement here. It’s like that feeling you get when you see your food at a restaurant.

4. Want to play?

Image: Giphy

He’s so excited to play fetch, he’ll bring it back from anywhere you throw it. Anywhere.

5. Jumping for joy

Image: Giphy

Ever been so excited you wished you could just do a back flip? This puppy is just about there.

7. Toys that move?

Image: Giphy

He’s so excited when this penguin starts to move, he can’t even stay in one room.

8. I see her!

Image: Giphy

We wish our kids got that excited when we pick them up from day care.

9. The happy prance

Image: Giphy

Either he’s really happy to have done what he was asked to do or he has something he really, really shouldn’t have.

10. The spin

Image: Giphy

When she’s happy, she spins.

11. Snow day

Image: Giphy

Only a dog (or a kid with a test coming up) can be this excited for snow.

12. OMG!

Image: Giphy

Can’t you just hear him saying “Ohmygosh ohmygosh ogmygosh”?

13. Something really awesome

Image: Giphy

We don’t know what he sees at the bottom of those stairs, but it must be something really awesome.

14. A big welcome home

Image: Giphy

The reason for this dog’s excitement is obvious.

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