Now there’s an app for censoring everything your kids read

Want to censor everything your family reads but don’t want to go through all the hassle of building a fire and burning The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Now there’s an app for that. Censor the classics, and never look at another swear word again.

Fifty Shades of Grey without all the naughty bits should be pretty good, right?

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Image: Clean Reader

The Clean Reader is a free app that scrubs any questionable words from e-books to keep your screen completely G-rated. You download the app and can even decide how “clean” you want your e-books to be. There are options on the Clean Reader to scrub the text “Clean,” “Cleaner” or “Squeaky Clean.”

Anyone else completely apoplectic about the idea of kids reading “censored” literature?

The Idaho couple behind the app, Jared and Kirsten Maughan, don’t care about anyone’s screams over censorship. They developed the app for their daughter, who was a voracious reader. As she moved to more advanced books, the material, her parents say, became too “adult” for her, so they developed the Clean Reader as a solution.

“We’ve got friends who tell us, ‘We’ve always wanted to read this book, but we didn’t want to read all those swear words.’ We’re hoping this is a win-win: Authors can sell more books.”

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Image: Clean Reader

Um, no.

We live in a time in America when reason and fact are being obscured by people’s subjective beliefs. Shakespeare worked blue. Can’t we just deal with it and move on? Are we really interested in sanitizing and scrubbing clean the entire world to protect our kids from reality? Are body parts really that scary?

High school biology textbooks are up for religious debate. But at the same time, kids are growing up in a world with literally limitless access to information. Shouldn’t we be preparing them for life rather than keeping them from reading books that could change their life and alter their world view in an amazing way?

But, alas, there are still parents who will rejoice at the opportunity to control every word their family has access to. So if you fall into that category, then shoot, you can download the dang Clean Reader app for free on Google Play or on the Apple app store.

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