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Sleepy chipmunk hates getting up in the morning too (VIDEO)

You know how sometimes it’s extra hard to wake up in the morning? Well, this little guy feels your pain. This adorable chipmunk simply will not get out of bed no matter what important plans he has going on today. He had some bad chipmunk dreams the night before and thus didn’t get his full eight hours, so he would like you to hit the snooze button for him, please.

Before this unbelievably cute video, I had never seen a chipmunk yawn, and all I have to say is, my life is forever changed. I just can’t get enough of watching him glide across his bedspread and stretch every once in a while. I actually found myself stretching along with him, because he reminded me how good it can feel, especially when you first wake up.

Chipmunk stretching

Image: Giphy

I honestly can’t tell if he’s stretching or completing a yoga series — he’s that good at back extensions. If only I was that cute getting up in the morning, maybe the world would let me stay in bed longer too.

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