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11 Things that happen when you go makeup free in public

I’m one of those beauty editors who is constantly paranoid about using natural products that won’t give me cancer in 10 years. It may be a little dramatic, but it’s not a totally unjustified fear. These days, everything has chemicals in it, and I’m just not so sure they all belong on our face.

I still love makeup and it would be a lie to tell you I only use natural products (sometimes you just have to throw in the towel in the name of a really pretty lipstick). But there are several days you’ll find me hiding behind my computer hoping no one realizes I’m not wearing any makeup.

My dark eye circles are often front and center on my face because I’ve decided to let my skin breathe (the horror) and I spend more time getting ready for bed than I do in the morning getting ready for work. This means more skin care and less makeup.

And I’m not the only one doing this. The 5:2 Skin Diet is gaining popularity in the U.S. and the U.K. which preaches five days of makeup and two days without. If you’re fixing to try this, here’s what you can expect during a makeup detox. And I’m talking no BB cream, no foundation, no tinted moisturizer, cold turkey with no cranberry sauce, nothing. Exceptions = Mascara and lip gloss/stick/crayon. Nothing else.

1. At first, you’ll feel totally naked

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And you might obsess over blotchy spots and lines and looking washed out and the blackheads that you’re sure everyone is staring at.

2. Someone will comment that you look different

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If you rarely leave the house without makeup, expect that someone will notice when you do.

3. You’ll want to punch them

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Because who cares if you wear makeup? Women are more than that, you know?

4. You might secretly want to scrounge for concealer though

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After all, you have rights and wearing makeup is one of them. So don’t judge, OK?

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5. After a few weeks, you’ll look in the mirror and see Beyoncé

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Just kidding, but your skin should be feeling pretty good at this point.

6. You’ll get overly excited about new skin care products you buy

Go ahead, post a selfie with #iwokeuplikethis just because you can.

Image: Giphy

7. You’ll still occasionally catch a glimpse of yourself and wonder why on earth you thought you could skip makeup that day

Hello, baggy eyes. How are you today? Good? Good. Great. That’s just great.

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8. But people will start to compliment your skin

Because, duh, your pores are so healthy right now.

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9. And you’ll feel like you got sweet, sweet revenge on all the mean things you know people were thinking

You’re not sure, but people were probably, almost definitely, talking about how bad you looked at first.

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10. Eventually: Your reaction to anyone who expects you to wear makeup to their dinner party

You’re funny.

Image: Giphy

11. Your reaction to anyone who thinks skipping makeup is lazy

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Sorry, I’m just too busy kicking ass at life to care.

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