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There’s a Girl Scout Cookies drive-thru. For real.

Remember when Girl Scout Cookies were just available for a few short months out of the year? Well not only is that day long gone, now there is an actual Girl Scout Cookies drive-through in Salem, New Hampshire! I don’t know about you, but I’m plugging coordinates into my GPS as we speak.

A group of incredibly entrepreneurial Girl Scouts in Salem, New Hampshire, came up with the most ingenious way to sell a ton of Girl Scout Cookies — they created their own drive-thru. The girls have a goal this year to sell 5,000 boxes of those delicious cookies we all know and love, and figured what better way to expedite sales than sell the way fast food chains do?

According to the Associated Press, the girls of Troop 12115 in Salem will be selling cookies in a vacant warehouse property right off of the town’s Main Street, and the plan is to open shop on Sunday when traffic will be heaviest. I don’t know about you, but if I ever decide to start a business, I want to hire these girls as my consultants.

They have already sold 1,200 of their 5,000 goal, and with an awesome plan like this in place, they will likely surpass their proposed target. The great thing about selling Girl Scout Cookies in general is “it also teaches girls about money management, business ethics and people skills,” said a troop leader to ABC 9. Such cooperative leadership skills will no doubt help them in any career they choose, especially if it’s one that’s male-dominated (like so many unfortunately are).

This drive-thru operation is a fitting follow-up to the announcement that some troops will be selling their cookies online starting this year. Not only is this great news for people like me who are lazy and love to buy delicious things from their couch, it’s great news for the Girl Scouts who will be picking up some useful online marketing and selling skills.

All this excitement over a drive-thru like this which before only existed in my dreams got me thinking — what other ridiculously awesome drive-thrus could be on the horizon?

1. The puppy and kitten drive-thru

Image: Giphy

Drive up, hold a puppy or kitten for a few minutes, drive on, and go about your business. That would turn a bad day right-side-up!

2. Drive-thru massage parlor

Image: Giphy

I can get pretty sore in my neck and shoulders when I’ve been driving for a long time. How great would it be to drive up, turn so your back faces your side window, and have someone just knead out the knots for five minutes? Exactly. Pretty freaking great.

3. Drive-thru nail salon

Image: Giphy

I’ve been on a bit of a spa kick lately. This one would probably take a bit longer (say 10 minutes instead of five), but I really don’t think people would have a problem waiting. You pick your color on a board, and shout it into the “order box,” drive up to a window that’s a bit lower than your average drive-thru window, stick out your hands, and watch the magic happen. The only thing is, you’d probably have a higher risk of nail polish fudges since your hands will go right back on the wheel…

4. Drive-thru therapy

Image: Giphy

Remember how Lucy on The Peanuts had her therapy booth where she charged five cents for “psychiatric help?” Something like that. Sometimes I have a little problem for which I just need an unbiased sounding board for a few minutes. However, there would have to be a timer, because I see people getting on a roll with a bunch of problems, as you often do in therapy.

5. Drive-thru hugs

Image: Giphy

What can I say? Sometimes you just need a quick hug to put you in a better mood.

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