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Ragdoll cat loves playing hilarious floor game with owner (VIDEO)

Sometimes, cats like doing weird things. Mine love to eat Cheetos, and write gibberish emails to my work colleagues. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat enjoy doing what Richard the Ragdoll cat does in the video over and over again.

Essentially he’s playing fetch with himself. His master calls him over, (and he actually comes, which is already beyond the scope of my own cats), has Richard lie down, then he spins him around and hurls him across the room! Sounds like extreme cat sports, huh? His owner slides him, like a pro ice curler, across a slippery hardwood floor. At first, it seems a little aggressive, but lo and behold, Richard loves it! In fact, he loves it so much, he keeps coming back several times over! Check out this hilarious game of slip ‘n’ slide for yourself.

I think the best part of this video is Richard’s, shall we say, less-enthusiastic cat friend who just sits and quietly judges the whole scenario. That is until Richard decides to sideswipe him on his way back for more sliding fun, and he gives him a look that almost says, “Pardon me, sir!” Don’t worry, Richard. He’s just uptight. Most of us find your floor antics hilarious and adorable, so keep them up.

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