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8 Home libraries Sherlock Holmes would feel at home in

Sherlock Holmes, the great consulting detective, would be right at home in these magnificent home libraries.

A library family room

This traditional family room incorporates ample shelving for all your home library needs and is coupled with gorgeous, rich wood paneling.

Diogenes Club

This library setting reminds me of the Diogenes Club as it appeared in several Holmes stories. The Diogenes Club is a men’s-only reading club.

Velvet couch

This home office library is very English in appearance, and I love the soothing detail the velvet couch provides. Holmes would be very comfortable here.

Fireplace in the library

The built-in bookshelves seem to go on and on in this comfortable room highlighted by a gorgeous fireplace.

Spiral staircase

Perhaps this library is on a lower level, accessible only by this ravishing wooden staircase. Not only would Sherlock Holmes love it, but I would too.

Dark library

This warm library is black in color, but features some light decor that offsets it very well. There is nothing better than comfortable chairs, a fireplace and a stack of books by your side.

Modern Sherlock library

This looks similar to the set of Sherlock’s apartment on BBC’s Sherlock.

Round library

I love this unique design for a traditional library, with rounded walls and a ladder to fetch top volumes with.

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