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This laminated passive-aggressive note on a parked car gets the job done

Our hats are off to the brilliant person who not only bothered to type out and print a passive-aggressive note, but had it laminated to make sure it withstood harsh winter weather long enough for the owner of the vehicle to take notice. That’s dedication.

Stacy Morrison, a media executive and author, pulled into the parking lot at the Metro-North train station in Garrison, New York, and began the painful process of trying to find a permit parking spot. “Due to the never-ending snowstorms, many spots are taken with a massive snow pile; others are iced over or have frozen ridges of snow, making them unusable,” says Morrison. She finally found a very tight spot next to a snowed-in car. It had been a week since the last storm, so the car had been there at least that long.

The car’s bumper sticker read:

“The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

When she got out of her car, she saw a laminated note on the back window: 

bumper sticker

Image: Stacy Morrison

The laminated note read:

“The problem with capitalism is it leads to entitlement, such as leaving your car in a prime parking spot for weeks on end.”

Morrison says the exchange — evidently as yet unknown to the owner of the car — captures the political tone in Garrison perfectly. As for the lamination, clearly intended to make sure the note outlasted the next winter storm? “That’s taking parking lot passive-aggression to a gold-medal level,” Morrison says. “So I snapped a photo, to share the love.”

Let this note be an inspiration to all of us. Don’t just scrawl out your angry responses to people who park like jerks. Type out a classy note and make sure it’ll stand up to the elements.

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