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10 Zombie-proof homes in case the living dead show up on your doorstep


Would your home stand up to a zombie apocalypse? These homes probably would.

Zombies aren’t really going to rise up and eat us (or are they?), but it’s entertaining to think about what vulnerabilities our homes have, and what we can do to make them a bit more zombie proof. Think about your windows, the material your home is made of and its location. How does it stack up?

Home, or fortress?

This home not only boasts a solid construction, but the slender windows would be super easy to board up when the horde attacks.

Built-in watch tower

Watch towers are a major bonus during a zombie apocalypse. This home comes complete with its own, which will enable the owners to post a lookout round the clock to keep the walkers at bay when they stumble by.

Built-in defenses

Sure, this gorgeous cabin is wall-to-wall windows, but it includes adjustable walls that can be raised and lowered to fend off a hungry mob.

Off-the-grid cabin

This self-sufficient cabin is already off the grid and equipped with solar power. The builder says it’s vandal proof and fireproof — so surely it’s zombie proof too?

Concrete ‘bunker’

This kickass concrete studio workshop is ideal for hunkering down in a serious emergency. Sure, you’ll have to board up a window and a glass door, but being partially nestled into the ground means you don’t have to worry about something breaking in through the back door.

Shooting gallery

This abode has an awesome upper level that will allow you to pick off zombies at your leisure — perfect for when you have to go make a supply run for food and more ammo.

Zombie-proof shutters

With hinged shutters like these, that you operate from the inside, you don’t have to worry about boarding up your windows.

More zombie-proof shutters

Those who live in hurricane-prone areas are already familiar with hurricane shutters, and this is a good example of them. No zombie can scratch his way into this home.

Grain-bin home

Secluded, utilitarian and sturdy, a grain-bin home would work well as a zombie apocalypse residence.

Tree house

We all know that zombies can’t climb trees (Right? Please tell me they can’t), so go ahead and build that incredible tree house you’ve been planning for years. When people start rising from the dead, you’ll have a safe home and the perfect lookout all in one structure.

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