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Turtle and cat play an adorable game together (VIDEO)

In the world of unlikely animal pairs, the cat and turtle might be my favorite. They’re both such hard shells to crack (pun intended) personality-wise, so it’s wonderful to see them finding common ground.

In this video, we have a red-eared slider turtle chasing his fluffy black cat friend around a red brick pole. The turtle does seem to have the upper hand — he even changes directions on the cat twice, which totally catches the cat off guard. However, the cat is all about making things fun — he rolls over and tries to lighten the competitive mood by playfully grabbing his turtle friend’s backside. All in all, they look like they’re having a lovely time, even though someone’s playing a song called “The End of the World” in the background.

Turtle chasing cat

If you enjoy turtles and things in the turtle family chasing much larger pets, here’s another video of a slightly more formidable-looking tortoise chasing his dog friend around the yard. Sheldon, an 8-year-old sulfate tortoise, and Dolly, a 3-year-old American pit bull terrier, are both rescues and love to hang and play on the lawn together. According to their owner, Dolly really wants Sheldon to play ball with her, but so far he seems relatively uninterested — after all, how would he catch it? Still, they seem like great friends, and if Sheldon could wag his tail like Dolly, I bet he would.

Tortoise chasing dog

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