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7 Struggles of dating when you have a pet

Dating takes on a different tone when you have a beloved pet — and the struggle is real.

1. Will my pet get along with my beloved’s pet?

Cats and dogs fighting

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Animals, like people, tend to have personalities all their own. There are no guarantees that your pup will get along with your date’s pup, and if you have a cat and he has a dog, it can get pretty hairy pretty quickly.

2. All the seats are covered with pet hair… where will my date sit?

Cats on the couch

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If your animal loves to lounge on your furniture, it’s a legitimate concern to wonder where the heck your date will sit if you go back to your place.

3. My pet can be a bit… possessive

Dogs on person

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Pets can become jealous if someone new gives you attention, which can result in some pretty spectacular body positioning on the part of your furry friend.

4. I might need to go home right now


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If you have a dog, you know that you can’t leave it alone for hours on end. If you’ve put in a long workday, you can’t go out directly after work because your pooch needs to poop and pee, go for a walk and eat its dinner. You also might find yourself needing to cut an evening short.

5. Sometimes pets horn in on romantic moments

Cat watching us

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It’s always unsettling to start getting down with your partner and realize that you’re being watched, and some pets may want to get in on the action. Who likes that?

6. What if my date doesn’t “get” why I love my pet so much?

Kissing dog

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The human-pet bond can be pretty terrific, but if your date doesn’t have a pet of his own, loving a pet can seem eccentric, which is too bad because pets need love, too.

7. Spontaneous weekends away just won’t happen

Hamster in bed

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Cats are pretty self sufficient, but even the most chill animal will need some prep work before you go off for a romantic weekend getaway.

If you can find someone who enjoys all your quirks — and your pets, too — you may have found the perfect match.

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