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7 Reasons the Apple Watch is a mom must-have

For every mother who’s ever wished for an extra set of hands, a way to be close to those you love no matter where you are and a little extra motivation to get you to the next level, the Apple Watch might be what you’ve been searching for.

Today, following literally years of hype and anticipation, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to unveil the Apple Watch and despite gobs of technical mumbo jumbo, it’s clear that the geeks took on real-life challenges every mother faces and gave them simple, 2015 solutions in a brilliantly designed and polished package.

The watch was made with moms in mind. Don’t take our word for it. Just ask the celebrity Apple picked to pitch for its latest innovation: mom and maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns.

How many times have you found yourself shouting “hold on!” at the bottom of your ringing purse clawing for that damn iPhone? The Apple Watch is an iPhone you wear, with a few extra benefits. Now that the wait to get the first real look at it is finally over, here’s why every mom will want to get one all their own.

1. The Apple Watch takes time management as seriously as a mom

Apple watch

Image: Apple

When you’re a mom you’re always working against a running clock. School starts at 7:55 a.m. regardless of how long it took to get everyone out the door. And pickup isn’t something you can be late for. The Apple Watch is digital so it’s freaky precise. But it also personalizes the watch face to give you updates about weather, meetings and messages, without you ever having to fish around your iPhone.

2. There’s an Apple Watch for every mom

Apple watch collections

Image: Apple

Moms come in all flavors and so does the Apple Watch. With three collections including the Apple Watch Sport, The Apple Watch collection and the Apple Watch Edition, sporty moms will want to check out the aluminum models with rubber watch bands and take advantage of health and wellness features and apps. Super luxe mamas might be more inclined to put one of the 18-carat Gold Edition models on their wish list, which start at $10,000 and go up from there.

3. Mickey Mouse

Apple Watch Mickey Mouse

Image: Apple

Yes, there’s even a setting that lets your Apple Watch look like your beloved Mickey Mouse watch from childhood.

4. Moms need all the support they can get

Tim Cook Christy Turlington Apple Watch event

Image: Apple

When model Christy Turlington Burns talked about her experience running a half marathon while wearing the Apple Watch, she shared how the device has given her extra motivation for training. The watch has a feature which monitors the amount of activity you’re getting and even reminds you to stand up after you’ve been sitting too long. The Apple Watch will even nudge you toward more activity by setting targets and goals and providing weekly reports on your activity levels. For as much time as moms spend worrying about their family’s health, it’s nice to have a reminder of the stuff you need to do to keep yourself happy and healthy.

5. Moms want communication to be intimate

Apple Watch heartbeat

Image: Apple

The Apple Watch offers two totally new ways to communicate that are tailor made for moms. The first lets you draw little sketches and send them as animated messages to another Apple Watch. So even if your toddler can’t read your texts, they can see your little heart sketch and know that you’re thinking of them wherever you are. The other features uses the heart monitor built into the watch to send a replication of your actual heartbeat to another watch. So even when you can’t rock your babies to sleep they can still feel your heartbeat. Sniff. Love that.

6. Travel is a major hassle for moms

apple watch travel

Image: Apple

Snacks for the flight, check. Did you remember to put the hairspray in the checked bag? Head count. Crap. Left one kid at the ticket counter. What happened to the car seat?

For every mother who has slogged through an airport with a kid or two in tow, the Apple Watch now lets you load your boarding pass, complete with a barcode that can be scanned by security, on your wrist. You just don’t have enough hands to hold a boarding pass and everyone’s lovey for the flight.

Even better, once you get to the hotel, you can use the Apple Watch to check in, bypass the front desk altogether and use it as your room key. No more keeping track of cards or waiting like a refugee at the front desk with a gaggle of rug rats and all of your luggage. All that adds up to less lines on your face and more time for relaxation on your next vaycay.

7. The grocery store checkout is always a scene

Apple watch credit card

The grocery store checkout is a familiar gauntlet for moms. Between the quick candy grabs, getting your groceries on the belt, maneuvering the kids through the line and deciding whether you actually need to buy more reusable bags, who has the energy to complete the transaction? The Apple Watch, with Apple Pay lets you link your credit card to the watch and check out with the bump of your wrist. Heck, you might actually have time to check out that Enquirer headline on the way out of the store next time. Retailers including Whole Foods and even Coke vending machines accept Apple Pay with new retailers signing on all the time.

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