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3 Fab undergarments that slim, contour and highlight your best assets

Kéla Walker

Too often we talk about fashion and trends without including the most important asset, undergarments.

The simple act of wearing the right undergarments can help you look five to 10 pounds slimmer instantly. Don’t believe me? Just continue reading.

I guess that’s why we call them “unmentionables.” The bra and panties (yes, I said it) are just as important as the clothes we wear… dare I say they’re even more important… and shouldn’t be left out of the conversation. The right bra and undergarment can perform miracles no trendy style could ever manage.

The same way you analyze and change your beauty regimens often, the same should apply to your bra and undergarments. Our bodies change, more often than we like to admit, and our undergarments should hold up to those changes.

Image: WENN; Brian To/WENN; FayesVision/WENN

It’s a sad fact that a majority of women are wearing the wrong bra. Too often we leave our undergarments as an afterthought, and only bother with them when we have something we really want to cover.

Here are three items that no one should be without.

Image: Wacoal

One major sign of an ill-fitting bra is your breast spilling out in the front or sides, giving that quadruple-boob effect. Not cute. Separate, elevate and accentuate your breasts to their rightful place with a full-coverage that will promote and support the girls. And don’t worry; you won’t have to compromise style for support. This lacy number is both fashionable and functional and with sizes reaching a 44H.

Image: Wacoal

Smooth and contour your body in the best way with this body suit. It offers a 3-in-1 effect with built-in support for your breast, abs and derriere. Why do you think all the pop stars wear them? Slide this one-piece to lean you out for a jumpsuit or that bodycon dress you’ve been saving for those lighter days.

Image: Wacoal

It’s time to get high-waisted (among other things). There’s no shame in relying on this garment to minimize that trouble pouch or smooth out those dimple effects in other areas. Even the curviest, perfectly fit girls wear shape wear; it gives definition, highlighting their best features in their best light. Heck, if the voluptuous Kim Kardashian can see the benefits of it, so can we.

Undergarments that slim, contour and highlight all your best assets? Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Wacoal and SheKnows.

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