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6 Exquisite ways to bring the beauty of spring indoors

When winter takes this long to pass, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and make it feel like spring in your home, no matter the weather outside. Creating warm weather charm indoors isn’t as tough as you might think, with these six decor solutions.

1. Bring in floral patterns

Image: Kathy/A Delightsome Life

The gardening isn’t bursting with flowers, but who says your decor can’t either? Add some floral details to your home, like rosy dishes, trays or throw pillows, to surround yourself with colorful buds and cheery blossoms.

2. Try out bright hues

Image: Jen/Fresh Crush

It’s time to break out the bright colors, whether it’s a cool coral throw or a bold piece of art. In fact, making your own colorful geometric prints isn’t only a fun activity, it’s a great way to freshen up a room after a long winter chill.

3. Create spring vignettes and displays

Image: April/House by Hoff

Turn the empty nooks and corners of your home into mini spring scenes and displays, with bud vases, stacks of twine-wrapped books or little dreamy glass jars. Create your own spring-themed sign to add to your vignette.

4. Add some houseplants and flowers

Image: Carol and Randi/Frugelegance

Real or fake, pots or plants and vases of flowers are the easiest way to bring spring charm into your home. As long as your bouquets are convincing and full of color, like this incredible succulent display, your household will forget all about the windy weather out there and enjoy their indoor getaway.

5. Change out your textiles

Image: Christina/The DIY Mommy

You know those heavy insulating curtains you hung up for winter? It’s time to think about some lightweight substitutes that will let that spring sun warm your home with its glow. While you’re at it, trade out your heavy sets of sheets for cooler cotton and stow that down comforter until next fall.

6. Reorganize your home

Image: Nicole/Simply Nicole

You can admit it, the only thing remotely nice about a prolonged winter is pushing off spring cleaning. But delay no more, because even though it’s tough, spring cleaning is how you really know the warm weather is on its way. So, roll up your sleeves and get to organizing that fridge or clearing that garage; it just might scare away the winter!

If you’re really excited for spring, get even more decor ideas and how-tos from our #spring page on Hometalk!


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