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Want to get your hands on a one-off version of #TheDress?

There’s only one dress we’ve been talking about over the last week or so. Not since Kate Middleton got married has there been so much fuss over a frock.

The picture of the original dress was first posted on Tumblr by Scot Caitlin McNeill, who asked for help deciding what colour it was. Some of her friends saw it as black and blue, while others insisted it was white and gold.

After Buzzfeed picked up on the story it quickly went viral, with internet users practically coming to virtual blows over what colour the dress really was. Black and blue insisted the woman who saw the dress in person. But most online polls revealed that almost 50 percent of people saw it as white and gold.

And thus began the 15 minutes of fame (and then some) of what will forever be known as #TheDress.

The Dress appeared on The Ellen Show:

For some, The Dress became a metaphor for life:

This guy got a tattoo of The Dress because he “didn’t see a reason not to have it done:”

Ant and Dec even created their own version of The Dress for last weekend’s Saturday Night Takeaway: 

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Roman Originals, the clothing company behind the dress that divided the internet, has now produced the garment in white and gold and is selling it on eBay for Red Nose Day. The auction starts today and all proceeds will go to Comic Relief.

You’ve got until Sunday to bid on this exclusive white and gold version, specially made in your size. (And yes, it really is white and gold.)

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Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, Davina McCall and Lenny Henry, is on BBC1 on March 13 at 7 p.m.

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