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Lammily hits the beach and reminds us to love our bodies

Lammily is basically the anti-Barbie — an average-size doll with customizable blemishes. She was created to represent an average body type. Each doll comes with stickers that allow kids (or grown-up ladies who play with dolls) to add acne, stretch marks, tattoos and other unique characteristics that make everyone different.

Stretch marks and blemishes aren’t just traits that make women unique — they’re also huge sources of insecurity for many women. Even those of us who try really hard to not buy into the concept of a “perfect” woman are still exposed constantly to media representations and advertising that prize airbrushed, superthin bodies and loads of makeup.

doll surgery

Image: YouTube

The cute video starring Lammily follows the doll as she plans a beach vacation. Plastic surgery ads, music videos and runway shows bombard her with images of Barbie-thin women. By the time she gets to the beach, she’s still dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, as if she can’t stand to expose her body.

But as she overheats on the sand, she notices other women with stretch marks and blemishes. She embraces the other dolls, and a beach party commences — complete with a DJ with visible acne.

Life doesn’t work out that neatly for the rest of us, but this charming video is a reminder that as “swimsuit season” approaches, there’s no reason to panic. Our bodies are already beach bodies. They’re made for playing in the sand and swimming in the pool and moving and stretching and having fun. Even if you’re too old to play with dolls, let Lammily’s beach journey inspire you. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to tone your butt and remove your hair and exfoliate all your extremities. It’s easier said than done, but making a conscious effort to love your body is the first step toward tuning out all the messages that say you need to be plastic-perfect.

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