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Lesbian couple returns to Duggar family home to kiss as newlyweds

The Duggar family is notorious for two things: makin’ babies and conservative politics.

Despite the Duggar family’s wild popularity, their staunch stance against LGBT rights has earned the fertile clan its fair share of critics.

In fact, the Duggars’ anti-LGBT activism inspired one lesbian couple, Tandra Barnfield and Samantha Munzy, to stage a peaceful protest outside the Duggar clan’s abode with a simple kiss. Now the pair of ladies have returned as a legally married couple, with their wedding certificate in hand, to share another kiss outside the Duggar family house.

According to reports, the couple is from Texas but were married in Lawton, Oklahoma, on Feb. 27.

Both protests were reportedly sparked when Michelle Duggar threw her support behind a campaign to block an ordinance in Arkansas that would have protected gays from discrimination. Her high school classmate from the ’80s, Sherryl McFerrin, was so angry about her role in killing the ordinance that she convinced her sister, Tandra Barnfield, and Tandra’s girlfriend, Samantha Munzy, to pose for the lesbian kiss picture in front of the Duggar house and posted it online.

As for the newlyweds, they just wanted to send a message to the Duggar family that their efforts to block rights for the LGBT community won’t stop progress for gay Americans.
“It’s a good feeling. We are a proud married couple,” Barnfield says. “We continue to move forward despite the Duggars’ long, hard efforts to put a stop to gay marriage.”

Barnfield and Munzy have three children together.

In addition to Michelle Duggar’s anti-LGBT activism, her son, 26-year-old Josh Duggar, is executive director of the Family Research Council Action and even led a rally held by the group to oppose marriage equality.

P.S.: Michelle Duggar’s sister, 63-year-old Evelyn, is a lesbian.

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