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The Today Show‘s new puppy is cute enough to host the show (PHOTOS)

In case you missed the most exciting The Today Show staff addition of all time, let me fill you in on all the adorable deets. Back in January, The Today Show introduced us to a 10-week-old Labrador retriever puppy named Wrangler. He’s what they’re calling a puppy with a purpose.

What does that mean?

Glad you asked! For the next 16 months, Wrangler will be spending his mornings at The Today Show as part of his guide dog training. So please, insert your jealousy right here. When he’s not killing us with his cuteness on-air, he’s home with Saxon Eastman from Guiding Eyes for the Blind. At the end of his training, he’ll hopefully graduate to being a working guide dog.

As a professional puppy stalker, I’ve been watching Wrangler pretty closely on social media. (It’s 2015, so obviously he has his own Instagram and Twitter.) While I could easily post every photo in here and be all “omg, no this one is the cutest,” I figured I would share his most star-studded encounters. Because the only thing better than a puppy is a puppy playing with celebrities.

While you’re looking through these, do keep in mind that in 15 months, Wrangler could be a bigger celebrity than the people he’s posing with here.

Here he is with K.Stew when he first arrived:

And here he is with Anne Hathaway just a few days later. Feel free to pause here and squee over that puppy face.

Oh, hello, Naomi Campbell and Ryan Seacrest! May I take this moment to ask if there’s anything more heartwarming than a confused puppy face? I’ll answer that for you! No.

Here he is with Chrissy Teigen, just building up his social media presence.

Annnd here’s Wrangler meeting Kevin Bacon. Which, yes, does mean that if you meet Wrangler, you’re just 1 degree away from meeting Kevin Bacon.

Finally, here’s Wrangler making teenage girls everywhere jealous by making physical contact with Ansel Elgort.

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