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Ikea’s new furniture will charge your phone for you

The stress of shopping at Ikea might finally be worth it! The furniture store announced it is launching a new furniture line this spring with built-in chargers. And no, I’m not talking about built-in USB ports, but straight-up chargers!

If you want to get all technical, they’re called Qi wireless charging mats. For now, they’re just being installed in desks, bedside tables and lamps, but assuming they’re going to be the most popular thing ever, I’m predicting it won’t be long before all the store’s furniture has the technology. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one even knows what a charger is in 2016.

OK, fine, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. But imagine a world where your restaurant table has a charging mat just built into it! Maybe it’s the millennial in me talking, but few things cause me angina more than knowing my phone has a low battery when my day’s just starting out. Sure, I usually carry a charger around with me, but I hate being the person who has to ask if there’s an outlet around — or worse, being the person crouching awkwardly over the lone outlet.

But enough about my First World problems, and more about the future! If you already have a desk, bedside table and a lamp, pat yourself on the back for being a grown adult. Then know that you’ll also be able to buy a Qi charging pad you can put anywhere your little heart desires.

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