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9 Reasons cleaning is so much harder when you have pets

When you decide to bring home your first pet, no one tells you that your house will never look the same again.

The amount of food that Fido licks up off the floor cannot overcome the quantity of fur, nose prints, drool and dirt that quickly overrun the homes of all pet parents.

Here’s why cleaning up after dirty little paw prints is a real feat (pun!).

1. Vacuuming is a full-time job

There is no possible way to keep up with the amount of fur that your pet distributes around your home every single day. You know it’s bad when you pet him and you’re left with a snow flurry of fur raining down on your carpets.

2. The back door looks like it’s been in a food fight

Between the nose prints, paw prints and wagging-tail prints, the sliding glass door where your pet waits to come inside is sheer bedlam. It takes weekly scrubbing just to stay on top of it.

3. Speaking of food, it’s everywhere

Even though your pet loves to eat, he’s crazy bad at hoovering bits of food and crumbs off the floor. The result is a perpetual, stubborn grit of pet food and saliva on your hardwood or tile — requiring near-constant mopping.

4. The struggle against allergens is real, and it’s epic

If anyone in your family struggles with allergies, you know that removing pet allergens from upholstery, carpeting, laundry and the air is a difficult task.

5. Laundry requires extra steps

Who else but a pet parent knows that the final step of laundry is removing embedded fur from the clothing fibers?

6. Rainy days mean mud prints are everywhere

Many pets need to go outside, even if the weather is terrible. The result? Muddy, dirty and wet floors, couches, walls, tables and maybe even ceilings. Use naturally-derived cleaners like those from Green Works, that are strong enough to clean up the dirtiest of messes, but gentle enough to use in spaces where your pet hangs out.

7. Couches look like shag carpets

What a nice, furry couch you have. Thirty minutes of meticulous fur removal every day ought to take care of the problem.

8. That dreaded pet smell

Even if your home smells fresh as a daisy, you likely live in fear that houseguests will think it smells like dog flatulence. Better stay on top of the laundry (or at least the fabric freshener).

9. Litter box (and other) explosions

If you own a cat, litter is everywhere. If you own a small pet like a hamster or bird, cage bedding, birdseed and feathers are everywhere. If you own a dog, you know you’ve accidentally brought in dog poop on your shoes. Better sweep, scrub and vacuum up the mess before it completely overwhelms you.

Of course, none of these annoyances matter once you cuddle up on your shag-carpeted couch with your furry friend. He’s a beautiful mess.

This post was brought to you by Green Works.

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