35 Fun ideas to upgrade your child’s bedroom (VIDEO)

Kids’ rooms tend to get taken over by cartoon characters, crayon drawings and toys. If you are tired of your kid’s room looking like a toy box blew up, there is hope.

A kid’s room doesn’t have to be that space in your house you want to keep closed off when you have guests over. In fact, your options for creating a comfortable and beautiful space are even more vast thanks to the fact that you are decorating it for a child. Bright colours, fun patterns and funky light fixtures that might not work in any other part of your home are perfect for a child’s room. Whimsical details and kid-friendly design ideas can be used to create a space you and your child both will be proud of.

1. Maximize space with better beds

If you are short on space, consider a built-in daybed with storage surrounding it. Even if you aren’t short on space, this can be a great option to free up room for a desk or various other things your kids might want in their rooms.

2. Don’t be afraid of monochromes

Kids’ rooms don’t have to look like a rainbow exploded in them. If you want something more modern, go with a monochrome or more neutral palette, and add character in other ways. White may seem scary in a kid’s room, but thanks to bleach, it can be much easier to keep clean than other coloured items.

3. Try unexpected colour combinations

When it comes to a kid’s room, don’t be afraid of colour! If aqua and orange can ever work, it’s in a kid’s room. Take advantage of the opportunity to use bold colours.

4. Think outside the box for themed rooms

A child can outgrow a themed room quickly, so if they are into something in particular, like pirates or princesses, consider taking a more understated and sophisticated approach. Instead of particular characters or overly themed bedding, opt for something more neutral the child will still like in a year. Incorporate the theme through artwork or various other small items that can be easily swapped out when your child finds something new to love.

5. Mix in adult elements

Don’t be afraid to mix in some items that wouldn’t typically be considered for a kid’s bedroom. A frilly girl’s bedroom can be balanced with some wood-framed mirrors, and a little boy’s room can get a touch of sophistication with some metallics. More mature artwork can help add a little sophistication to your child’s room too.

6. Create a space based on what your child loves

A sweet little reading nook is perfect if your child loves to read. Or you could consider a craft table, a small racetrack or even a little sports nook. Giving them an area in their room to enjoy what they love most will make them appreciate their room even more.

7. Keep it simple if they have a lot of stuff to showcase

Avoid a clutter overload by keeping the rest of the room really simple. If your child has a lot of toys, trophies, books or art they want in their room, just compensate by keeping bedding, wall colours and all the other decor really minimal.

8. Make it interactive

If your child is young, a chalkboard wall they can have free rein over can be a great idea. The wall can easily be wiped off whenever you want a fresh look, and having a huge wall to colour on will give them something to do in their room without having to have a ton of other toys in there.

9. Be savvy with your storage

Storage doesn’t have to just be functional. Use it as an aesthetic element in the room by getting a little creative. Even painting a standard bookcase a bright colour can help.

10. Use furniture you love

The downside to using nice furniture is that it might get a nice makeover from an artistic toddler with a crayon. However, the upside is that as your child gets older, the furniture will still be appropriate. In addition, long after your child has moved out, you’ll still have a great piece of furniture to use in your home. Resist the urge to purchase only furniture intended for kids, and consider a few nice pieces that will stand the test of time.

Watch the video for 25 more ideas.


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