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Missing 20-day-old baby’s body found in swamp with hysterical mother

Twenty-three-year-old Samantha Green’s family realized that she and her 20-day-old son, Justice, were missing when they failed to show up at a family event this past Saturday. On Monday, the police were called. On Tuesday, Green called 911 from a Yolo County, California, swamp. After sheriff deputies picked the young mom up, her baby’s body was found in the swamp brush 17 hours later.

From the start, this case is troubling and confusing. What happened in that swamp? Green’s panicked 911 call from the Northern California slough on Tuesday led to the discovery of her infant son Justice Rees’ body on Wednesday morning, two days after the pair were reported missing to police.

On Tuesday, father Frank Rees posted this Facebook plea at 9 a.m.: “If anyone sees Samantha Green, my beautiful fiancée, please tell her that everyone is worried sick about her and Justice. We love you Samantha. Just come home, babe. I miss you and our son sooooo much. Whatever it is you want different, we can fix. I love you, momma.”

Just two hours later, Rees posted again:

After Green called 911 from the swamp, she was found “hysterical and disoriented” by a man named Ricardo Villaseñor, according to News 10 reports. Green told her rescuer that she had been kidnapped and her baby son had frozen to death.

Villaseñor reported that Green’s physical condition of scratches and bruises looked like the outcome of spending a few nights in the woods, not the result of physical assault from an abduction. Green also told Villaseñor that she knew the location of her car but could not remember how it got there.

As strange as this story may be, police do not suspect foul play at this time — meaning, authorities do not believe that Justice was murdered. Police plan to look into Green’s claims of abduction to find much-needed evidence in the case.

Yolo County Sheriff Ed Prieto also questioned the location of the baby’s body. He said, “It wasn’t like someone opened up a car door and walking 10 steps and dropping a child off. It was an effort, you had to cross the slough.”

This kind of case is tragic and, sadly, still suspicious. The Facebook posts made by Green’s fiancé and Justice’s father showed a worried and committed dad, while also indicating that the couple may have had a fight before the disappearance. Green’s rescuer questioned her story. Even police have few leads to go on to piece a possible abduction together. If this mother wasn’t abducted, the alternative is unthinkable.

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