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What happens when you take away people’s smartphones?

Could you go a day without your smartphone? That would be tough, right? How about an hour? The statistics are pretty scary.

Could you go without your smartphone for an hour?

Photo credit: Axiom Channel/YouTube

Have you been in a public place recently and realised how quiet it is? A doctor’s waiting room, a train carriage, a coffee shop? If you haven’t it’s probably because you’re too engrossed in your phone. If you weren’t you’d realise that everyone else is doing the same.

They are undeniably handy when we need to contact someone, fire off an email or surf the net (and — let’s be completely honest — waste numerous hours playing mind-numbing games), but are we too reliant on our smartphones?

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A new social experiment set up by Axiom Telecom shows exactly how people behave when they’re attached to their mobile devices. Eight strangers and their smartphones were put in a room together and told they had free WiFi. Not surprisingly for the next hour not one word was exchanged. Every single person was in their own little digital bubble.

They were then asked to leave their phones in the room and were paired up with complete strangers.

Watch and see what happened next:

Video credit: Axiom Channel/YouTube

A lesson for us all?

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