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DC Collector, YouTube’s biggest kids star, has adult film past

If you’ve ever watched those Disney Collector YouTube videos in which a woman with brightly colored nails unwraps toys, then hold on to your blind bags, because you’re not going to believe this.

Turns out the hands of the DC Collector belong to Brazilian adult film star Diane DeJesus, according to the Daily Mail, who once went by the screen name Sandy Summers.

According to a source who claims to be a “close friend” of DeJesus, 32, and her husband, Messias Credidio (nice friend, BTW), the couple are behind the $5 million a year Disney Collector empire, making her the highest paid performer on YouTube.

Since the revelation, neighbors of the couple in their upscale Orlando, Florida, neighborhood have confirmed their identities, however the couple has gone to a lot of trouble to try and stay anonymous, for pretty obvious reasons.

The phenomenon of “unboxing” or opening presents isn’t anything new, but it was DeJesus’ calming voice and demeanor that helped the DC Collector videos stand out. But it will be interesting to see if the revelation about where those DC Collector hands have been will hurt the videos’ earning power over the next year.

As a parent of a kid who consumes way more of these unboxing videos than is probably recommended, I have to say I’ve always had a bad feeling about these for a number of reasons. First, it’s just all-out consumerism at its finest. Certainly not the kind of thing you should be reinforcing in a kid.

But over the hours I’ve sat with my 4-year-old and watched these crazy things, I couldn’t help but be struck by a kind of underlying kind of hand and toy fetish thing going on there. In our house, my husband and I joke that the YouTube unboxing videos are just “toy porn.” Is it possible they really are?

Or is this just a case of a woman with a past who found redemption in the anonymity of videos featuring only her hands?

But you still have to wonder if unwitting parents like myself been letting our kids watch some kind of adult hand fetish videos instead of the benign unboxing we thought were just occupying our kids while we made dinner? Either way, I think we’ll be curtailing our DC Collector YouTube videos for the time being. Especially now that we know where those brightly manicured hands have been.

What do you think? Do your kids watch these videos? Do you think there could be some kind of hand fetish stuff going on there?

Here is DC Collector’s most popular video. Take a look, and let us know what you think.

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