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Man steals cash from 10-year-old girl selling Girl Scout cookies (VIDEO)

Police say a San Jose man stole $600 from Girl Scouts in front of a supermarket. Thanks to quick-thinking witnesses, the story has a happy ending.

Sophia Contos was approached by 23-year-old suspect Cody Phillip Gintz while selling cookies outside of a Safeway grocery store. Gintz reportedly grabbed a cashbox containing $600 from cookie sales. Contos briefly had a brave tug-of-war with the man, but Gintz was ultimately stronger than her and ran off with the cash.

“I didn’t know there were people around here that would do such a thing,” she told NBC, immediately making everyone hate Gintz even more for allegedly stealing from a little child. “It just made me feel bad.”

Fortunately Sophia and her mother were able to spot Gintz getting into his car about 10 minutes later. They memorized his license plate number and gave police an accurate description. Thanks to the quick-thinking teamwork of Sophia and her mom, the police caught Gintz within minutes and arrested him for strong-arm robbery. A K-9 officer located the cashbox in a nearby creek, and the money was returned to Sophia’s troop.

It gets better. Police then bought $240 in cookies and gave the troop an additional $60 cash. They were seen loading oodles of cookies into the backs of their cruisers, to the delight of a gaggle of fifth-grade girls.

girl scouts robbed

Image: NBC News

Gintz is being held on $50,000 bail.

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