The public reacts to Glenn McGrath’s hunting photos

Stunned that some of the most well-respected sporting greats in Australian sport could partake in game hunting, the public, including some high-profile personalities, have taken to Twitter to voice their shock and dismay.

“Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.” That’s just one of the messages that popped up in my Facebook feed over the weekend when a friend shared an article about how cricketers, Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee, were photographed with hunted animals on an African game farm.

Since then, several more photos have been released, including one of McGrath posing with a dead African elephant.

And now another photo has emerged of both Lee and McGrath, who were photographed in front of a bleeding deer, which sat lifeless on the back of a ute while one child held its head up in his hands.

There’s something that rings true in Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” but it seems that while we are a nation of animal-lovers, this — along with the news of the greyhound live baiting — has revealed a troubling truth.

McGrath has been open about his experiences with hunting in the past, revealing in an interview from 2008 that he enjoyed a hunting trip in Zimbabwe during a difficult time in his life, most probably when his wife, Jane, died of cancer.

“I don’t expect people to feel the same way about [shooting], and at the same time, I don’t expect others to force their opinions on me,” McGrath told Australian Shooter magazine in 2006.

“I do have a passion for hunting and it is something I do want to continue once I’ve finished with cricket.”

McGrath has since posted an apology on Twitter, saying the trip was highly inappropriate.

But that hasn’t stopped the general public from sharing their shock on social media.
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