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Inspiring teenager shovels snow for elderly stranger

When a Virginia teenager spotted an elderly man with a walker trying to shovel snow, he implored his mom to stop the car so he could help him out.

Tommy Adams was concerned when he and his mother saw the gentleman, who was battling a ton of snow that a plow had heaped upon his driveway. He knew he couldn’t let his mom drive by without offering to help, so after she stopped, he approached the man and asked for his shovel.

The man was surprised and extremely grateful. Adams told the man to hop back into his car because he looked tired, and the teenager went to work. He said the snow was quite deep, and it took him over 15 minutes to clear it from the man’s driveway, so you can imagine how long it would have taken an elderly man — who also has to use a walker — to clear.

With so many stories in the news that are completely depressing, it’s uplifting to hear about a young man going out of his way to come to the aid of a fellow citizen in need. Adams mentioned they were not the first to pass the man, and he wondered why nobody else had stopped. People are busy, and they’re focused on their next task or where they’re going, and it’s painful to realize that someone else could have stopped and didn’t. The man likely thought he was just on his own to make do as best he could.

Adams said he tries to help the elderly because someday he might need some help himself. How heartwarming that a teenager recognizes he has skills that can be put to use for someone else.

His mother said that when she realized what he wanted to do, tears filled her eyes. She snapped a photo of him digging into the snow and shared it on Facebook, where it went viral as people heaped praise upon the young man. As a mom, she couldn’t be more proud of her boy and the good values she’s raised him with that he himself is now displaying.

Adams explained that he didn’t even get the man’s name, but all that mattered is that he made his day a little easier.

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