6 Gorgeous ways to make your collectibles look organized

So you’ve got a penchant for clocks? There’s nothing wrong with amassing an impressive set of your favorite collectibles. But, over time, collectibles can turn to clutter if you don’t find an organized way to display them. Here are six excellent ideas for creative ways to put your prized possessions front and center.

1. Frame them

Image: House & Home

Vintage handkerchiefs shouldn’t be relegated to a bottom drawer or some dusty corner. By framing them and creating a mini-gallery wall, everyone can appreciate your lovely linens. Plus, they add great color and texture to the space!

Image: Michellelunt.com

If this isn’t brilliant, we just don’t know what is. Interior designer Michelle Lunt found a clever way to honor the hard work and accomplishments of her client — a marathon runner — by grouping and framing her medals and hanging them on the office wall.

2. Create a cluster

Image: Ki Nassauer Style

Clusters do not necessarily equate to clutter. In fact, as evidenced by this beautifully curated collection of alarm clocks, displaying your collectibles in an organized cluster adds more impact to the grouping and gives the entire area more dimension.

Image: I Heart Naptime

Who isn’t guilty of hoarding vacation souvenirs? We all want to feel like we’ve brought back a piece of the magic and tucked it away for those times we need a good memory. But Jamielyn over at I Heart Naptime has the right idea — ditch the tchotchkes in favor of sand displayed artfully in a cluster of glass bottles. Sweet and chic!

3. Use color as a unifier

Image: Tidbits and Twine

Part of what can make a collection look so overwhelming is simply the wide array of colors, patterns and textures within. Just check out the spectrum found in this impressive teapot collection! That’s where color comes in handy. Using a unifying color — here, the soft emerald shelving — makes an eclectic collection feel more cohesive.

Image: Thistlewood Farms

Another idea for using color as a unifier is grouping items in like colors. This all-white display of vintage dishes and milk glass feels less like a collection of tableware and more like an art installation.

4. DIY a display area

Image: Completely Coastal

If you have a collection of bits or baubles you just can’t seem to find a spot for, create a spot. Here, Completely Coastal upcycled an old bird bath by topping it with glass. The result? A conversation-starting curio table to hold all of her sea treasures.

Image: Schaaf House

We can attest to the fact that coffee mugs are perhaps the most likely item to creep up on you and turn into a full-blown collection. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good coffee mug? This DIY shelving display is especially smart if you are short on cabinet space.

Image: Daily Makeover

Not exactly the craftiest kid on the block? DIY-ing doesn’t have to mean flaunting your wood shop skills. Daily Makeover offers an innovative twist on a display space for your collection of perfume bottles — a simple repurposed spice rack.

5. Think of it as art

Image: The Nesting Game

While you may not immediately think to put dishes on a bedroom wall, this space is proof enough for us that it might just be one of the greatest untapped design ideas ever. Set against a superdark accent wall, this perfectly grouped collection of white dishes is a work of art.

6. When in doubt, defer to open shelving

Image: The Southern Plate

Goodness gracious, if you are lucky enough to have a collection of vintage Pyrex like this, there is only one option — show it off! Stack it according to theme and color on open shelves or behind glass cabinet doors. Anything that beautiful deserves to be seen, right?

Image: A Little Bit Biased

Open shelving is also great for decorative linens you aren’t content to simply shove in a hall closet. Quilts are made with love, and they’re best when they’re loved to nubby softness. Show them off in a tall, open-front armoire for a sweet, nostalgic touch.

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