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12 Things everyone gets wrong about cats

Crazy cat myths make up a huge chunk of cat-themed articles floating around the internet. Whether they’re straight-up silliness (your cat is plotting to kill you) or detrimental to their health (they can’t get heartworms), it’s time to set the internet straight.

1. They’re trying to kill you

Cuddly Cat Image:

With what? Cuddles? Not true.

2. Cats can see in the dark

Not technically true. Cats can see in 1/6th of the light that humans need to see, but they still can’t see in pitch dark.

3. Cats can’t learn tricks

Cat five Image:

Try again.

4. Cats steal babies’ souls

This is totally bogus. Everyone knows only gingers steal souls. Still, the rumor persists thanks to an old wives’ tale, back when people were less friendly to cats. That said, a good rule of thumb is to keep cats out of nurseries until your baby is capable of turning her head. Cats are like heat-seeking missiles and can unknowingly cuddle up against a baby’s face.

5. They think humans’ only purpose is to feed them

Cat cuddles Image:

Obviously, they also know we’re good for warmth.

6. Purring is a good thing

Yes and no. Purring can be a good thing, but it isn’t always. Cats will also purr when they’re in pain or when they’re in their last stage of life. If Snowball is purring when you’re not petting her, consider giving her a once-over for injuries and scheduling a visit to the vet.

7. They hate dogs

Cat and dog Image:

No. They run from and sometimes bat at dogs if they’re frightened by being chased. But there are plenty of cat/dog friendships.

8. Pregnant women and cats shouldn’t live together

Toxoplasmosis is a real thing, but it’s not as easy to catch as you think. If you’re pregnant, you don’t need to ban your cat from the house. Just have your partner scoop the litter, instead of doing it yourself. And have them do it every day.

9. They hate water

Cat Bath Image:

See? Totally untrue.

10. Cats can’t get heartworm

Heartworm is contracted through mosquito bites, so if your cats are hanging out outside, they can still get heartworm. Worse yet: There’s no cure for heartworm in cats. Make sure you take preventative measures.

11. The worst part of having cats is their disgusting litter boxes

Cat toilet Image:

Wrong. The worst part of having a cat is that sad look they give you and you can’t figure out why. Also, just clean out the dang litter box more often with an effective litter like Cat’s Pride®, and then it won’t be disgusting. Or, you know, teach Scrappy to use the toilet.

12. They’re nocturnal

Wrong, again! Cats are actually crepuscular. That means they’re most active around dawn and dusk when, in the wild, their prey is most likely to be seen and caught. Keeping Fluffy busy during the day, though, can help properly tucker her out for bedtime.

See? It turns out there’s a lot of bogus rumors about our feline friends out there. We bet the dog started them.

This post was brought to you by Cat’s Pride®.

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